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5 Tips For Quickly Setting Up Your Home Office

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The Covid - 19 Pandemic has required many of us to think about the greater good of protecting our elder population and those that are immune compromised. Many employees and business owners are now working from home on days notice for the foreseeable future. Lots of people have home offices, or a designated space to get some work done, but have not thought about the prospect of having to work from home every day. Let's get into some tips for quickly pulling together a functional office area in order to be productive in during this uncertain and distracting climate while we navigate responsible social distancing.

Design: Lauren Rivera Interiors


1. Find A Quiet Place

While some might need background noise in order to work, others find noises that are uniquely found in a home environment distracting. Think dog barking, kids playing - let's face it - kids yelling, construction work, a noisy air vent, etc. Do you have a spare room in your home that you can shut the door? Finding some peace away from distractions within your workday, even just for an hour, will ramp up your productivity.


2. Utilize Natural Light

I cannot emphasize this enough. If your desk is against a wall, in a corner, or within any dark space (or windows are covered) make the change now. Move your desk or work area in front of an uncovered or lightly covered window. Ideally you should place the desk parallel to the panes if you have room, or set back from the window a bit if you need to face it. We all need natural light for our mental health and the view can be an added bonus.


3. Add Greenery And Personalize Thoughtfully

Plants are at the top of my list of elements commonly missing in my clients homes. Adding greenery indoors makes people happier. Since we're talking about quickly putting together a workspace, do you have one or two greenery pieces that you can move into this space or onto your desk? A potted plant or even a faux floral piece brings in an organic element. Add one or two framed photos of loved ones, this keeps us mindful and the environment inviting.


4. Comfort Is Key

If your current desk chair drives you crazy or is stiff and uncomfortable, source your own home for a more comfortable chair. Is there a dining chair or accent chair that you find is easier to sit in for longer periods of time? If you need to put your feet up, is there an ottoman or stool that you can move into the space in order to do so? Think outside the box of a traditional desk chair and utilize what is available to you in order to find the balance between comfort and function. Add a throw or colorful pillow for when you need a bit of warmth or additional coziness.


5. Get Outdoors

As Spring is in bloom, consider taking advantage of warmer sunnier days and spend some time working on your patio, porch or balcony. Create a secondary workspace by grabbing some Lysel wipes (if you can find them) or a trusty old rag and give your patio furniture a quick wipe. Set up a comfy space and relocate some durable furniture outdoors as needed if you are considering working for a longer amount of time. Don't forget the essential cords and power plugs. Reduce stress during these this new phase by spending some time outside. Incorporating elements of nature into your workday can also give your brain a much needed boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus and creativity.


I hope you find some inspiration in these tips while getting organized in the "new-normal" of this moment. Remember to think outside the box and source your own home for items that can be utilized in new ways in your work area for a fresh and inviting space.

Stay safe everyone!


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